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What’s app with you? Get with the times and update!


Quizzes are repetitive, sometimes giving you the same letter twice in the same quiz; gives the pronunciation for the letter "nu" as"ni." Not worth the seconds it takes to download.


ni seems to be the only incorrect one.

N is Nu not Ni

Excellent app! One minor error with the greek letter N, which is Nu and not Ni. Update to app needed.

It's good, but not all the way accurate.

Good way to memorize the letters. Thank you :)


It's ok. There's like no audio for the letterss soo yeah . :/

It's ok for letter recognition.

Some of the letters are incorrect. There's a mix of ancient and modern. For example it has mu and ni. It should just be mi and ni for modern. A sound option would be good.

Awesome and Easy!

I use this app to practice the alphabet every day and it's great!!!

Some letters are wrong

The letters are shown in their English equivalent version and not with the correct modern Greek pronunciation. This reads more like a Greek frat house selection list.

The letter N

What is Ni? Nu perhaps? I don't know if this is going for biblical Greek or not. Then, what's the difference between biblical and ancient, medieval, modern, and all that jazz? Perhaps a learning goal needs to be stated, AND. all letters verified correct to meet that stated goal. I suppose a separate set of cards for English equivalents could be added if enough folks asked for them. Thank you.


great but it would be nice if u added an english letter equivalent like ρ=r

It's ok

I like the app, but it always crashes when I take the 50 question quiz.

Crashes all the time

Iphone4 and I can't make it through the quiz without a crash

Crashes every time I launch it.

This would be a great app if it wouldn't crash on my iPhone 3G every time I use it.


Crashes after 2 minutes of using, some of the alphabet is wrong too


Low rating because they fail to mention the ads.


Τηις ις ιν γεεκ. Μυ ναμε ις ηαμιΔ Ιμ αγτεμις ζεις ι θολά ΔαεΔξις


Great but if you can change the symbols with the names on quiz it would help alot

Greek alphabet

Awesome app I got 50/50 on the first day I got the app!

Crash prone

This app needs to separate the upper and lower case letters for more study options. After 10 minutes of playing, it crashed 3 times.

Okay I guess

I don't know much Greek so I won't complain much, but I wish it had the pronunciation to the letter and English term. Like does alpha mean A?

Annoying ads

The advertisting makes this application useless. There's nothing quite as frustrating as having someone try and distract you when you are studying.


I am a greek native and frankly this app is not correct.

Outdated and alltogether horrible

This is a terrible app. It is outdated and inaccurate. This app uses the Ancient Greek pronounciations, as opposed to the Modern Greek ones (may I add that its Ancient pronounciations aren't correct either), and it completely ignores the use of accents, the correct pronounciation of letters, and any dipthongs used to create more sounds. It lacks any IPA guidlines for pronounciation, and fails to inform it's users. Take it from me, a real-live Greek; don't get this app.


Its pretty good, but some letters are wrong. And i think it is seta, not eta.


Good app! It does just what it says it does and nothing more. I am looking for an app that also shows what the English letter for each is. Add that and this gets 5 . Otherwise I am still looking for just the right app.


Amazing!!!!!! I memorized almost30 in1 day!!! I love it!!! But should have sound of the letter...


I believe it is NU not NI

Totally useful

This totally serves the basic purposes, and even surpassed my expectation w the quiz!?!? Great idea to add some learning aspect of the app.

Just what I was looking for - and it's free

This is just the kind of app I was looking for. Short and simple and study and learn the characters.

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